Kini Anda Boleh Mengurus Database Dan Hantar Mesej Kepada Pelanggan (Whatsapp, SMS & Emel) Hanya Dalam Satu Sistem Sahaja!

Anda Sudah Tidak Perlu Langgan Pelbagai Sistem Berasingan. Kini Lebih Mudah & Pantas!

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Tingkatkan Engagement Melalui WhatsApp Broadcast

Whatsapp adalah antara medium yang paling ramai pengguna aktif menggunakannya. Justeru ini peluang untuk anda engage dengan pelanggan dan tingkatkan jualan melaluinya.

Open rate WhatsApp yang tinggi membuat mesej dibaca oleh lebih ramai pelanggan.

Sistem Kuasa dilengkapi dengan API Meta untuk kurangkan risiko kena ‘ban’ oleh Whatsapp.

Boleh hantar mesej Whatsapp secara bulk kepada 1,000 pelanggan dalam masa 1 minit

Personalize Mesej Melalui Email Broadcast

Email Marketing adalah kaedah paling berkesan untuk anda membina hubungan dengan pelanggan. Dengan kos yang minimal, ianya dapat tingkatkan jualan sekurang-kurangnya 10X ganda daripada biasa.

Anda boleh personalize setiap mesej yang anda hantarkan untuk tingkatkan kadar engagement.

Boleh mengukur keberkesanan campaign dengan mudah dengan melihat bilangan emel yang dibuka, klik dan jualan yang diperoleh daripada campaign tersebut.

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Hantar SMS Broadcast Untuk Tujuan Reminder

SMS adalah medium yang terbaik untuk anda capai pelanggan dengan lebih pantas. 

Kirim teks ringkas dengan pantas kepada pelanggan dalam skala yang besar.

Daripada kajian, 90% pengguna akan baca SMS selepas menerima mesej dalam tempoh 3 minit. Ini sangat sesuai jika anda ingin hantar mesej ‘urgent’ yang perlu pelanggan anda baca dengan segera.

Dapat Lihat Realtime Analytics Report Untuk Setiap Platform

Rekod dan analytic data untuk setiap mesej yang anda hantarkan kepada pelanggan anda akan dipaparkan melalui sistem Kuasa. 

Anda boleh pantau setiap mesej yang anda hantarkan melalui data statistik.

Daripada data yang dipaparkan, ianya akan dapat bantu anda baiki copywriting, offer dan merangka kempen promosi yang bersesuaian untuk pelanggan anda.

Kelebihan Menggunakan Sistem Kuasa Campaign

AI Copywriting

Generate written content, including advertising copy, product descriptions, blog articles, social media posts.

WhatsApp Blast

Send and schedule bulk messages on WhatsApp to communicate with your customers.​

Email Blast

Send and schedule bulk messages on Email to communicate with your customers.​

SMS Blast

Send and schedule bulk messages on SMS to communicate with your customers.​

Manage Contact

helps organize and maintain contact information efficiently, ensuring easy access and organization.

Import Contact

is a feature that allows users to easily transfer contact information from one system or application to another.

Team Members

Individuals within a team or organization working towards a common goal.

Copywriting Template

Create, manage, or use our free copywriting template


Sistem Kuasa Menjadi Pilihan 70,000++ Pengguna

MK Anuar
MK AnuarOwner Marketing Agency
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"I have been using it and it works just fine for me. Pricing is excellent beating the market."
Anuar Abu Bakar
Anuar Abu BakarCEO Cakap Jepun
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With Kuasa CRM, my team and I have been able to manage a lot of student databases smoothly, better than before. There are no more small mistakes from staff as everything is handled by the system through its automation features.
JulianaFounder Household
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I have been using Kuasa for almost 2 years now, and its more powerful features have greatly helped me in database management. I highly recommend it
Mior Asyraff
Mior AsyraffManaging Director KekMalaya
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On my first experience using Kuasa, I was incredibly impressed with its features. Within just three months of using Kuasa for the launch of my new branch outlet, I managed to generate approximately $100,000 in revenue. The software proved to be instrumental in achieving this success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In simple terms, a WhatsApp Blaster is a tool or software that allows you to send the same message or promotion to multiple people on WhatsApp at the same time. It’s often used for marketing and reaching a large audience quickly by sending bulk messages.

In simple terms, a WhatsApp Blaster works by letting you send one message to a large group of people on WhatsApp all at once.

It’s like sending a single message to many recipients simultaneously, usually for marketing or communication purposes.

The tool or software helps you do this more efficiently and quickly than sending individual messages one by one.

Businesses use WhatsApp Blaster to quickly and efficiently reach a large number of people on WhatsApp with their messages, promotions, or announcements.

It’s like sending a single message to many potential customers at once, saving time and effort compared to sending individual messages. WhatsApp Blaster is often used for marketing and communication to a wide audience, helping businesses get their messages across effectively.

SMS marketing is a way for businesses to send text messages to people’s mobile phones to promote their products, services, or events. It’s like receiving a promotional text from a business on your phone. Businesses use SMS marketing to reach customers, share special offers, and keep them informed about news and updates.

Businesses use bulk SMS senders to save time and reach a large number of customers quickly. It’s like sending the same message to many people at once, making it easier to share promotions, updates, and important information. Bulk SMS senders help businesses efficiently communicate with their customers and promote their products or services to a wider audience.

SMS marketing works by businesses sending text messages to people’s mobile phones. These messages typically contain promotions, offers, or important information. The process involves creating a list of recipients, crafting the message, and using a platform to send the message to many people at once. People who receive the message can then read it on their phones and take action if they’re interested in what the business is offering.

Email marketing is a way for businesses to send messages and promotions to people’s email addresses. It’s like receiving newsletters or offers in your email inbox from your favorite brands or companies. Businesses use email marketing to stay in touch with customers, share updates, and promote products or services through emails.

Email marketing works by sending emails to a group of people who have subscribed or shown interest in a business or brand. It’s like a company sending messages to its customers’ email addresses.

Here’s how it works:

1. Collect Email Addresses
2. Create Email Content
3. Send Emails
4. Recipient Receives Email
5. Open and Read
6. Take Action

Businesses use email marketing for direct, cost-effective customer engagement, brand building, traffic generation, retention, segmentation, and measurable results. It’s a versatile tool for reaching a global audience and driving sales.

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Kuasa month to month, and cancel at any time you’d like!

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