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About Us

Kuasa is a system under FunnelEvo, a brand from SIFOO International Sdn. Bhd. Kuasa started as SifuChat, a message blaster system that is currently known as Kuasa Blast. In 2020, SaleSkip was introduced for the entrepreneur to build their own website, manage customers, and orders since most of people lost their jobs due to COVID-19 pandemic. Few months after, we connect the dots and able to solve the puzzle. We saw the chance to combine all functions from SifuChat and SaleSkip to Kuasa. Therefore, Kuasa will able to help entrepreneurs from start which is to build their own website to sell their products, to reach and engage with customers, to manage their products and stocks, to blast customized messages to customers using WhatsApp, Email, and SMS.

The Kuasa Promise

Kuasa promises to help entrepreneurs to run their business from A-Z without the need to hire or rely on a tech team! Kuasa will able to :

> Guide entrepreneurs to build their own website for their products.

> Manage leads and relationship, generate leads, and more.

> Broadcast customized messages at scale – whole leads, selected leads, or 1:1 message.

All of these can be done using Kuasa Sales Kuasa CRM Kuasa Blast !

The Kuasa Journey

Get benefits of multiple applications at the price of one!

Create, manage and promote your entire business with just one platform. One username and password connects you to all the apps such as Website Builder, Email Marketing, WhatsApp marketing & much more.


Powerful Tools That Help You To Run Your Business From A-Z Without The Need To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!


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